Project Sekai

Project SEKAI: COLORFUL STAGE! ft. Hatsune Miku is a mobile rhythmn and gacha game. Official site link here.

It's got great character art, songs, and (of course) vocaloids. The gameplay is definitely the best aspect, which I found really fun and easy to pick up when I was a beginner. Thankfully, the gacha element isn't too overbearing since it doesn't really affect gameplay. However if you really care about getting a particular character card, then you might end up in the trenches. Overall, it's pretty fun.

useful sites: sekaipedia and sekai viewer

I Suck At This Game <3

I'm not a rhythmn gamer (or a gacha gamer I swear). However, I used to be a bored highschooler who wanted to play games on their phone for that dopamnine hit. Lo and behold I stumbled across this in the app store. When I first started the game I honestly didn’t care about the psekai characters. I was only there for the vocaloids (mainly Miku and Rin), and I ended up being sucked into this rabbit hole. Overtime, I’ve grown to like all of the characters. To be honest, I skipped all of the story (including event stories) because I just wanted to go tap tap tap on my phone. Yet somehow I’ve come to like all of the characters anyway even though I saw none of the story. Well... I did look stuff up online so I do know general stuff about characters and their backstories.

I actually haven't played in a while (recovering addict), but I still think really fondly of this game. I'm somehow level 135 and I have no idea when that happened lmao. I wish I could show off and be stupid good at this game, but alas my thumbs simply aren't fast enough. The highest song level I can play without struggling is 27, anything beyond that I literally can’t comprehend the charts (maybe I should bring down my note speed?). I stopped playing around the time they introduced ranked matches, but I just know my ego would've been crushed. However, I am proud to say that I've spent noo money on this game. Just me and my (un)lucky self.

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